Karelian bone-setting

Karelian bone-setting is an old finnish way of treating the body. The roots for this treatment are said to be found in our epic Kalevala and have been practised here ever since.

The idea is to seek for the origin of the problem within the kinetic chains throughout the whole body and not only to go for easing the symptoms. This means that I treat the body all the way from the toes to the top of the head. Another word for this treatment could be soft tissue mobilisation, and as this name indicates, not too strong force will be used and no manipulation technic is carried out.

The treatment usually take about two hours and during the treatment the patient has to be active and carry out movements of the joints at the same time as I treat the surrounding soft tissue.

You can find more information about this (in finnish) at our organisation’s website: www.kansanlaakintaseura.fi