Fysiotherapist Kennet Wennerqvist in Porvoo

I have always been interested in fixing and taking care of things. After short careers in car mechanics and gardening I determined that my call was to help humans. I studied physiotherapy and graduated in 2002.

I have always felt that there is something more beyond the ”normal”, and in my pursuit for a more holistic way of treatments I chose to study Chinese medicine and Karelian bone-setting. I graduated from the Neijing school of Chinese medicine in 2001, and in spring 2007 I was ready to be called a Karelian bone-setter. Read more about the organisation for traditional Finnish medicine here (in finnish). About ten years later I came across Anatomy trains and their way of looking at the bodys structure and for me this was the missing piece that brought my two other ways of treatments together. Anatomy trains had discovered myofascial lines that formed functional units in the entire body and they are very often running close to the old chinese energylines called meridians. By using fascialmobilisation we can affect these lines and try to achieve our original balance where no pain is needed.

I have noticed that I always seem to seek for new ideas in how the human body really is structured, and so my treatments also seem to vary according to my development.

Welcome to try it out, I am happy to help!