Anatomytrains fascia

Functional fascia release

Fascia is a very wide consept and I use it here in meaning of muscle, tendon and other soft tissue that connect, protect and fill up our bodies. For one and a half year I studied this with Anatomy trains and got my diploma 2016. Anatomy trains has a holistic and unique approach where they discovered myofascial lines that combine different muscles with eachother and form long lines all over the body, for example from head to toes. Together these lines form a kind of support structure around our body and because of this, they affect on our posture, function and movement. The idea is that our body function at its best when all these lines are in balance with eachother. But sometimes along our lifeline, there can be problems and indjuries, and all this can sink inside our system as asymmetric tensions witch can make the body tilt and rotate as a compensory pattern. Often pain is just a indicator that the body cannot compensate anymore. So my job in this case is, to ease the tensions with soft tissue mobilisation tecniques and try to set the right direction to the lines, so that we again can gain a state closer to symmetry. The closer we get to solve the origin, the more we can loose up the whole compensory pattern and hopefully ease the pain and stiffness.

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