Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is a very wide area which includes nutrition, movement and different clinical ways of treating the body. Its history is thousands of years old and the origin is filled with different myths.

One of the basic aspects in Chinese medicine is the dividing of everything into different types of energies, yin/yang, the five elements and so on. All these different kinds of energies runs through the body inside channels called meridians, similar to blood vessels but more esotheric. In Chinese medicine we want to keep all the energies in harmony and running smoothly inside the body. Pain and problems occures when stagnation stops these natural currents to run normally.

I have studied mainly acupuncture and moxa (a kind of heating technic for the acupuncture points). My opinion is that this form of therapy has a great deal to give still in thease modern times. For example in chronic pain, mental disorders and also our spiritual development acupuncture can be a very useful tool. Read more about this at my school’s webpage: